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America’s failed foreign policy summarized in 2 pictures.

An extremely simple concept that American narcissists fail to realize.

*American narcissists

*American racists

*American douchebags

*American uninformed idiots

Hate to break it to you assholes but as somebody who’s fought in Afghanistan, not just criticized the war from my computer, I feel it’s my duty to tell you that this isn’t always a reality. Many times we take fire from people and the second they’re hit they hide their weapon and claim they’re just a villager and not Taliban. Or we’ll take a guy out on a legit Taliban raid and the next day his family will be protesting us saying he was never Taliban, when it was us who saw him shooting at us with a bunch of Taliban cohorts. Fuck yourselves. Try living in our shoes.

I initially reblogged this not to offend anyone that is a soldier, but rather to say that we are idiots for even letting war be necessary.

I’m not unappreciative of the courage you all possessed heading into war, because unfortunately you soldiers did solely as you were told.

This is for the ones who gave you that order, the ones who said “go do it,” while they were at home sitting on banks.

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